Universities in the USA are full of sport but if you are a soccer scholar you won’t be able to play for, for example, the golf team too. Time and commitments just will not allow. So be prepared to hit the ground running because the competitive season starts almost as you get off the plane.  
Irrespective of the college the competitive season concludes with a national tournament just before the Christmas break. There are games played in the spring and they count towards the national rankings, so every game is important. 
The different Divisions often represent the size of the college's with NCAA Division 1 being the biggest with thousands of students. 
The NAIA colleges will be a slightly smaller in size and capacity and smaller still will be NCCAA. If you are wanting to make the national championships you will have play your part of a very good squad. 

How Big Are The Crowds? 

Soccer is a growing sport but it has to be said not as big as their traditional sports, particularly American football and basketball where stadium crowds and TV viewership can be huge. Don’t expect to be swamped by fans, but the bigger the college the bigger the crowds but it will be in the hundreds rather than the thousands. 
The most important thing is that you work hard on and off the pitch and enjoy the experience. You will come back a better player and more importantly, a better person. 
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