All students attending college in the USA must take an SAT test. 
It is a standardised test that is intended to assess all students equally and allows a “merit table” of student’s abilities, concentrating on reading and comprehension, writing and language and maths. Most SAT questions are multiple choice. 
SAT tests are sat on specific dates and in 2021 they are: 
March 13th 
May 8th 
June 5th 
December 5th 
In the south-west the venues for taking a test are: 
Millfield School, Somerset 
Bishops Wadworth’s School, Wiltshire 
Taunton School 
Wycliffe College, Stroud 
These schools may not offer all the dates. 
Bookings can be made here. 
To increase your chances of an offer you will need to score over 600 from a possible 800 in each of the two sections of the SAT. It can be the case that the higher your score the bigger the university available to you but alongside that bigger universities have bigger budgets and bigger squads. You can re-sit your SAT if you miss the mark first time around. 

Scholarship Requirements 

Football or soccer is ever growing in popularity all across America. The women’s game has been historically stronger than the men with many of the top male athletes looking at American Football, basketball and baseball. It is very hard for young UK players to break into senior football, be that the Premier League, the EFL or senior grassroots levels. As the game improves, the US collegiate system is, more and more, being seen as an excellent apprenticeship for our young players who can gain a wealth of experience in the USA and find re-entry into senior teams much easier on their return to the UK or being scouted to any of the European professional leagues. 

Ongoing Requirements 

Students have to always remember that although they are going to the States to play football, they are doing so within an educational establishment and from their standpoint your education comes first. So irrespective of who you have played for or how good you are, if you don’t attend classes and don’t achieve the required Grade Point Average then please don’t expect to be playing every week. Many of the smaller universities have Christian leanings and by their very nature have other demands they may put upon you. 

Your predicted grades and your SAT score are very important 

There is still a route to playing in the U.S if you don’t achieve the required educational level. NJCAA (junior colleges) also run sports programmes and you attend for 2 years to gain your associates degree. This will then give you the opportunity to move into one of the more mainstream colleges. As with many things in life, it is up to you. 
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