StateSide is a small operation based in Bristol and, principally, servicing the south-west of England. Being a relatively new venture you may well ask where our experience came from. 

My name is Jason Side 

Started playing football at the age of 4 
Involved in the Bristol Rovers Centre of Excellence until the age of 14 
10 years experience playing Western League football 
Still currently playing and involved in the administration of grass roots football 
Passionate about offering opportunities for progression from junior to adult football and allowing players to fulfil their ambitions and potential 
StateSide is a progression from everyday football activities 

So what do we offer? 

StateSide offers a very personal service and costs can be kept low as we are not carrying expensive overheads 
There are no commissions paid to salesmen, no expensive office and administration costs 
An objective to match players with the correct colleges offering perfect degree courses and giving you as much pitch time as possible 
USA University with football

What can you expect from StateSide? 

We guarantee we will be honest with you. To develop our reputation, it is important that our clients are happy. This means that we will not paint unrealistic pictures. Equally, for you to maximise your experience you need to be honest with yourself. The bar is rising every season and, frankly, the more a coach wants a player the better the scholarship offer is likely to be. 
The reality is that going to university in the USA is likely to cost the same as a university course in the UK, but with football! It is important to emphasise that your academic qualifications will also help you in securing a place. 
Stateside agency
A head coach will have a budget to operate their squad for the season. They will be committed to their current players and they will use their remaining budget to bring players into the squad. As a club will do in the UK all the colleges have a squad of players. You will have to earn your shirt. It is vitally important to bear in mind that you will probably not be an immediate starter. Hard work is the key. 
StateSide ensure that anybody associated with the company, now or in the future, are fully qualified and carry all the FA recommended badges to fulfil their duties. Understanding that every day is a school day, we are always looking to make improvements to our offering and as a business we encourage continuous professional development, be that appropriate courses or actioning feedback from clients, players and coaches alike. 
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